What Are Some Predictions For The Future? Secrets Make You Astonished!

Best Predictions For The Future

What are some predictions for the future? Welcome to 2016 – the year of the Monkey.  This year is about being working together, flexible, and dynamic.  So, don’t reluctant to reach out and accompany supportive and like-minded people in all that you do. Instead, be courageous and take a leap of faith. Spiritually, when times are rough and the world seems to be bleak, your convictions can be stronger. And you even work harder to create a better way of life. Negative thoughts and fear are not what you need as your driving force.

How To Change The Future When We Hear Bad News?

In fact, there are 2 important gifts that God bestowed on Mankind. First, it is about the gift of Co-creation. Humans have the unique ability to co-create their future with God through their positive intent, perception, words, thoughts, deeds and actions that move life forward. Second, the gift of free-will is what we want to mention. We affect the future through our conscious choices. Hence, that’s why the future is never set in stone. When the critical mass and their consciousness change the direction, the future is also changed.  It just takes about 20 – 25% of the population to create change for the world outcomes!

Some Predictions For The Future You Need To Know!

  • The World Is Bipolar

In general, one of the best predictions for the future is that humanity is out of balance. The magnetic poles are moving while the consciousness is shifting. These factors cause people to act out of traits and characteristics. Many prescription drugs may also have suicidal side effects. Darkness creeps into your mind via drug and alcohol addictions, which causes you to influence people negatively. More and more people will have full psychotic breaks. Suicide can be at a new all-time high and domestic violence, riot, and rebellion. Of course, this is an important moment to keep yourself centered and stay prayerful!

  • Monetary Systems Will Change

Michelle Whitedove

According to Michelle Whitedove, gold, silver, coin and bullion in the future will become personal currency, in addition to cash and credit. Around the globe, humans will use such the methods and the barter system till the people’s choice can create the new monetary system. There will also be a new format and personal device for the digital currency or the virtual currency that will be exchanged by computers chips and phones.

  • The US Economy

Another possible good prediction for the future is that the US economy can crash by the end of 2016. In that case, it may have a domino effect for the worldwide economies. It can possibly happen 2012. Yet, the economy has been artificially pumped up.

US Presidential Election In 2016

Michelle Whitedove foresees Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush as the bright candidates. Some predictions for the future made by her are that this will be the last election as mankind has known it. To most people, it will be obvious that the 2016 election is fixed and it is just a complete sham! But, it is worth to wait for the final result!

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