Predictions For The Future Of The World – Facts About Vanga’s

Baba Vanga Predictions For The Future

What are Vanga’s predictions for the future of the world? A Bulgarian clairvoyant, namely Baba Vanga, has hit the headlines after correctly predicting the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, the 9/11 terror attacks, and the rise of ISIS. But what else has she predicted? This blind psychic also made a chilling forecast about a 2016 invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists. Vanga, a powerful prophet, reportedly made hundreds of prophecies during her 50-year career. What are other predictions for the future made by the mystical seer? Keep reading, please!

The last president of the US will be Barack Obama

Vanga had foretold that the 44th president in the US would be an African American. Yet, she had also emphasized that he would be the last one. As per her prophecy, Obama would leave office at a time when the country may be in economic ruins. There would be also a huge divide between the northern and southern states.

Europe will cease to exist

One of her predictions for the future is that 2016 will be the year when continent can cease to exist. After all, it would remain empty spaces and wasteland, nearly devoid of form of life. She also added that extremists against Europe can apply chemical weapons to the world.

Muslims will invade Europe

This blind seer had also foreseen that Muslims will invade Europe. Further, there will be huge destruction by extremists, which can last for many years until the continent ceases to exist. As per her prophecies, a Great Muslim War can begin in Syria.

China will become the new super power

Another type of her predictions for the future of the world is that China will be set to become the new superpower in the year 2018. This can cause the United States and its economy to an end. Vanga said that the exploiters will become the exploited. In 2011, the IMT (International Monetary Fund) had also foretold that China’s economy can overtake that of the US in 2016, which may emerge as the new superpower.

Ice caps melt – Vanga’s predictions for the future of the world

According to the Vanga,ice caps can be at risk of melting by 2045. For her, the rate at which the ice caps are likely melting, due to global warming, seems to suggest the same.

President Barack Obama

Clone organs

One prominent prediction of the future is that body organs may be cloned in 2046. This would be the simplest method of treatment.

US attack Muslim dominated Europe

The US may attack Muslim dominated Europe by 2066 through using climate change weapon. The country will also try to retake Rome and bring back Christianity.

Just like other prophets, there is a touch of the “unreal element” to predictions for the future of the world. But, the uncanny nature to which this woman was capable of prophesying events that happened after her death needs to be paid much attention to, even if just for one moment. Although her family has stated, keep in mind that she never made claims for something, like World War III.


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