Nostradamus Predictions 2016 – What Are The Best?

Nostradamus Predictions

Would like to explore the best Nostradamus predictions 2016? Do you know Nostradamus – a French physician and astrologer? He is best known as one of the most accurate and talented prophets in history. In “The Prophecies” – one of his famous books, he wrote more than a thousand 4-line poetic verses (quatrains) which were about future predictions. In fact, he has gained merit with many accurate predictive pieces, from the rise of Hitler in the 1930’s, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the defeat of Napoleon, to the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, and to the 9/11 terrorist acts. At the present time, there are rarely seers who may predict the future with high accuracy. Nostradamus studied astrology and many “occult” sciences that could help him foretell the future without confidence!

The following are best Nostradamus predictions for 2016 and beyond. Wonder whether they will come true? Let time give us the final answer!

World War III

World War

According to Nostradamus Predictions, a fierce war will be likely to happen between two major world powers. Of course, it may last about 27 years. When a comet appears in the sky, it is also the moment of great violence. Both nuclear combat and natural disasters can strike our planet when a huge planet arrives in the Earth.

Great eruption of Vesuvius

In general, Nostradamus predicted that the worst eruption of volcano Vesuvius shall come accompanied by earthquakes. As a result, this event may shake the Earth every five minutes, causing 6 and 16 thousand people to death.

The largest Recorded Earthquake

The biggest earthquake in the history of the US may occur. Its impact will be felt in other countries across the world.

Permission for parenthood

In addition, if a family wants to kids, parents will need permits and licenses. Sometimes, this makes them confused and discouraged!

The collapse of the global economy

According to one statement in Nostradamus Future Predictions (the rich shall die many times over), the collapse of the world economy will be over!

Longevity of Humans – The best Nostradamus predictions 2016

With the incredible advances in medicine, the average life-span of humankind may be increased to 200 years. Besides, the 80-year-old men may look like the 50-year-old gentleman! How cool!

Planet’s radiation

As per Nostradamus Full Predictions, the destruction of the rainforests can lead to a huge hole in the ozone layer as well as the imminent exhibition Earth from ultraviolet radiation. In the end, the massive of forest areas all over the world can be burnt!

The abolition of all taxes in the Western world

In fact, a great revolt can end all taxation forever. In this case, lots of people will celebrate freedom in a country that has no taxes.

Conversation between humans and animals

The prophet wrote that pigs may become a brother to man. This animal advances in the science of telepathy. So, animal communication skills will allow humans to talk with the pets as well as farm animals.

The disappearance of Language differences

Nostradamus predictions 2016 say that “After the invention of a new engine, the world will be like in the days before Babel.” In general, this type of “new engine” can be used like the modern computers. That’s why the end of many nations can become true soon.

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