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Nostradamus Predictions

Wish to know more about Nostradamus fortune telling for future earth? Nostradamus was the French physician and astrologer, who had gained his fame as one of the most accurate prophets in the past. In “The Prophecies” (his own book), he wrote more than a thousand 4-line poetic verses, or also called “quatrains,” which were likely to predict the future. In fact, Nostradamus started to have visions at an early age. Just staring at the water of bowl for some time, he might even “perceive” visions of the future. Furthermore, he’s been credited with foretelling everything from the Great Chicago Fire to the rise of Hitler. And what remains a mystery is indeed the source of his spiritual visions and his ability to foresee the future accurately. So, will Nostradamus fortune telling for 2016 and beyond come true? We’ll see here!

World War III – Nostradamus fortune telling for future earth

Nostradamus Fortune Telling For Future Earth

According to Nostradamus Predictions, a war will begin between 2 world powers. And this event is expected to last for about 27 years. The great violence can be timed to coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. Thus, our world may be struck by nuclear combat and natural disasters when a huge planet approaches Earth.

The Great Eruption Of Vesuvius

In addition, Nostradamus also anticipated a great Volcanic Eruption. As per his prophecies, the worst eruption of volcano Vesuvius in history can come accompanied by the giant earthquakes that will shake the globe every 5 minutes. In that case, the outcome can be horrible in which 6 and 16 thousand people can be killed!

The Burning Of The Planet, Due To Radiation

In his book, Michel De Nostredame wrote “Kings steal forests, the sky will open, the fields will be burned by heat.” What does it mean? This has been possibly a warning that the destruction of the rainforests can lead to a deep hole in the ozone layer and the upcoming exhibition Earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Of course, this can cause the massive burning of forest areas around the world.

The Abolishment Of Taxes In The Western World

The existence of a revolt may end all taxation. Nostradamus wrote in his book: “People refuse to pay the tax to the king.” So, that means many can celebrate freedom in a country which taxes mercilessly on that day!

Conversation Between Humans And Animals

According to Nostradamus fortune telling for future earth, “pigs will become a brother to man.” In that text, some linked to scientific advances which enable humans to chat with their pets.

The Largest Recorded Earthquake

The biggest earthquake in the history of America will occur. This event can especially influence the Western area of the country, while other countries worldwide can also feel its impact.

Permission For Parenthood

What does that mean? Under those circumstances, if someone wants to have children, he/she can need permits and licenses. How hard and complicated it is!

The Longevity Of Humans

Advances in medicine can extend the average lifespan of people to 200 years. Humans have time to live with children and do everything they like!

The Strong Collapse Of The Global Economy

According to Nostradamus fortune telling for future earth, “the rich will die many times.”

To sum up, whether these events can come true or not, time will give us the exact answer. Thus, what we should do is to enjoy his predictions as reference.

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