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What is a list of Nostradamus predictions? In general, Nostradamus, or Michel de Nostredame, was not only a reputable French apothecary, but also a renowned seer, whose psychic predictions and prophecies have come to light all over the world thanks to his book

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The Prophecies” or “Les Propheties.” In fact, he established a reputation of being the most well-known seer & psychic when he’d knelt in front of the Franciscan monk, and then addressed him as “Your Holiness.” Then, many years later, this same monk did become Pope Sixtus V after the death of this brilliant seer.


In 1555, Nostradamus started his first career as a prophet. During this period, he jotted down his initial collection of centuries, like a set of 100 quatrains, for instance. In the next few years, he continued writing down his sets of predictions for at least 10 centuries. Wonder what a quatrain is? To be sure, it is just a poem with 4 lines. In general, his quatrains were rhythmic; and they were primarily jotted down in French with traces of Latin, Italian, and Greek. He made use of different metaphors & symbols in his quatrains with the aim of avoiding being tried as a bad magician.

List of Nostradamus Predictions That Came True

As mentioned early, Nostradamus made a series of influential predictions and even published a great book called Les Propheties. For this reason, this prophet is reported to have soothsayed many of the world’s important events that have happened in the recent past. Here is a list of Nostradamus predictions in which some of them have come true, several proved to be baseless, while a few aren’t still to be seen yet. Thus, let us take a quick peek at some of the prophecies that have ever created a furor in minds of advocates who put trust in what he foretold.

List of Nostradamus Prophecies That Came True
  • First example:

1. “The young lion will overcome the old one
On the field of battle in single combat:
He will put out his eyes in a cage of gold:
Two fleets one, then to die a cruel death.”

According to some interpreters, this prediction told about the death of King Henry II of France in a match to celebrate peace treaty. Surprisingly, it even came true after four years this seer wrote about it.

  • Second example

2. “The blood of the just will be demanded of London,
Burnt by the fire in the year 66″

Nostradamus foresaw the exact year of the Great Fire in London. His other accurate forecasts are:

  • The event 9/11
  • Napoleon’s Rise
  • French Revolution
  • Hitler & the Second World War
  • Death of The Kennedy Bros
  • Death of Princess Diana
  • Hurricane Katrina

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