Future Predictions Technology Influence Your Daily Life

What are Future Predictions Technology? When a new year comes, it’s our favorite time when we’ll continue researching the world predictions of the technology’s future. So, from the human aspect, will the development of advanced technology satisfy our expectations?

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In the article, we have gathered all the information and made a complication forecasts to provide you the biggest changes that people highly expect.

After doing some studies online, we realize 2 major developments in the future that might surprise the readers:

How Robot Changes Humans Lives?

Human Robots Will Replace The Real Humans

This is one of the Future Predictions Technology you should notice. Maybe you aren’t comfortable with all of the futurist predictions. However, we can see that the existence of robots is stronger than ever day by day in the human life. In the developed countries like the U.S.A. and Japan, the government has spent millions of dollars to design in creating avatars that will act exactly like a real person. Depend on each nation’s purpose, for instance, Japanese robots are activated. Of course, their goal is to help old and young people once they want to cross the road or take the bus. But, the Americans train the avatars to let them work as a live soldier.

We only see the robots through computer or TV’s screen. In fact, they’re now taking and playing active roles for living breathing humans. In that case, they’re the enhancement of the humans, or they’ll be used to replace the humans forever.

Stop mentioning about the real robot, we’re pointing out the thing that most works in this world need the help of high technical machines. The evidence is that in hospitals and labs, we can easily find out the widespread in medical technology and scientific development. For this reason, we’re living with the fully-realized robotic machine. However, maybe someday, we’ll spend time experiencing the life with the human robot.

Future Predictions Technology – What Is Universal Translator?

Prediction Technology Change From 2020 To 2029

According to the Old Testament Bible story, the people used to speak the same language for a long time ago. They were very proud of the achievements they made in the society, so they decided to create the greatest structure that lasted to the heaven. However, God thought the human should be humble so that he divided different languages for each nation.

Nowadays, with the idea of connecting and reuniting all the countries into one, the creators of the universal translator are deploying a plan to launch this machine to the market someday in the future.

To sum up, in the next 5 or 10 years, all of us can witness or experience the feeling when 2 people speaking different languages can communicate with one another in their own voice. For instance, if you’re talking with an Arabian man, just push the button on the translator machine. Then, it will translate his words into English as spoken. How amazing it is!

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