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What is Baba Vanga Prediction For 2017? Who is Baba Vanga? In fact, she is one of the most skillful and excellent psychics over centuries. Born in Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, she enjoyed an ordinary life until the age of 12, when she lost her eyesight during a strong tornado.

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Baba Vanga Prediction For 2017

According to the folklore, once she was found several days later, her eyes just sealed shut as well as encrusted with a thick layer of dust and sand.

After that, Vanga believed she had the ability to predict the future and even heal people. Quickly appealing to a cult following, during the Second World War, Bulgarian tsar Boris III invited her to their palaces. Vanga later served as an advisor or counselor to the Bulgarian Communist Party leaders. Some of them ever exploited her to further their own agendas.

Before passing away in 1996 from breast cancer, she also said that her ability would be passed on to a 10-year-old blind girl living in France and promised the world might hear about her soon. Her house has been converted into a museum later. Of course, the mystic had made a lot of predictions about the future. But, there has been no evidence for 2017 Baba Vanga Prediction. But, keep reading to know more about prophecies that the blind mystic made for 2016 and beyond.

Nostradamus And Baba Vanga Prediction For 2017

According to Nostradamus, World War III will begin in the years of 2016 or 2017.  And it will continue for 27 long years. In addition, he may also foretell about the largest recorded earthquake in human history, resurrection of dead, and the last President of America to be President Obama.

Interestingly, same thinking lines have been accurate with what the blind prophetess – Baba Vanga said, who is also the Nostradamus of the Balkans. She reportedly made a few dire predictions that hold truth. She claimed that her gift had something to do with the existence of invisible creatures. And this gave her information about people.

Many advocates believe that Vanga foresaw the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and the global warming when she said: “Cold regions will become warm, and volcanoes will awaken.” Further, she has also foretold the 11/09 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York, through the saying: “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush and innocent blood will gush.”

Those who were close to Vanga have claimed she never made any prophecies attributed to her online.

Baba Vanga Prediction for 2016 and beyond

  • The last president of the US is Barack Obama: The 44th President of the US would be the African-American, according to Baba Vanga Prediction. But, at present, we accept the truth that Donald Trump is the new American president.
  • Muslims will invade Europe: The blind psychic had also prophesied that Europe will be invaded by Muslim. In addition, there will also be the widespread destruction by extremists which can go on for years till the continent ceases to exist. Vanga claimed that a Great Muslim War may begin in Syria.
  • Hunger eradication: She foretold that there will no appearance of hunger anywhere between 2025 and 2028.
  • On to Venus: According to the blind mystic, humans have a chance to travel to Venus in search of new energy sources. Of course, they could even set up a colony here.
  • China will have the potential for becoming the new super power: As per Baba Vanga Predictions List, China will set a goal of becoming the new superpower in the period of 2017. 2018, this will bring an end to the US and its economy. She also said that the exploiters in some developed nations will be then exploited.
  • Organs will be cloned: As per Prophecies Of Baba Vanga, body organs can be cloned in 2046. Maybe, this would be the simplest method of treatment.
  • US launch attacks on Muslim dominated Europe: In 2066, the US may launch assaults on Muslim dominated Europe by using climate change weapon. Moreover, the country may also try to retake Rome and bring back Christianity.
  • Communism may come back: In 2076, communism will come back to Europe as well as the rest of the world.
Baba Vanga Predictions List

To Sum Up

Although we have not seen ant Baba Vanga Prediction For 2017, just keep in mind that such the pieces are better for consultation. Many people think that a psychic reading may pinpoint what your future holds. Yet, always keep in mind that every human in the world is born with free will.

Free will permits you to change your future through a series of choices, whether it is for better or worse. When you ask a psychic for spiritual guide or help, she can pin point a certain area of your life that you get trouble with. Do you continue moving on the road of speed bumps? Then, there is one thing for sure that you will never reach your goal. But, in case you use your free will to decide to veer off the bumpy path and then jump onto a quicker and smoother road, you have a chane to reach the brighter future. Just use what a reader offers you as a guide. Don’t depend on these too much, or you can not find the exit.

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