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Want to get predictions for the future? But, who can see the future? Psychics, mediums, healer, prophets, etc. are said to be gifted with the ESP abilities to tap into the far-off scenarios.

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Accurate divination, or the art of future predictions is one of the most essential aspects of psychic readings. For instance, a spirit guide may speak of broad generalities. Or a Tarot reading can reveal a season. Or a numerology reading can even disclose a number, relating to hours, days, months or years. And how psychics foretell the future depends on the modality, the willingness of Spirit about revealing information, and the connection between the reader and the querent.

The Deeper Meaning Of Predictions

Humans have always sought for the answers to their questions from time immemorial! That’s why predictions for the future typically go hand in hand with what psychic readers use to enhance their craft. One of the most popular questions people often ask is “What is a prediction?” When being aware of the basic meaning of this term, they can be unsure whether or not to see a prediction. That’s because something set in stone can be changed. According to most dictionaries, a prediction is simply the act of foretelling, projecting or forecasting the future outcome. Its synonyms are as follow:

  • Divination
  • Projection
  • Augury
  • Forecast
  • Prognostication
  • Prophecy

Thus, what is a prediction of psychics? Of course, the readers will discern past events as well as present influences which act upon and lead up to a current situation. Then, they will examine the trends from this information and maybe any other information you give them so as to foretell possible future outcomes to the problem/situation if you make nothing. Further, they can also give suggestions on what changes you could or should make to improve the consequence.

Future Predictions Are Never Set In Stone

However, what if the predictions of future don’t even come true, or at least don’t go rightly like what the psychic foretold? Does that mean the reader was a con artist who just made false forecasts? Not necessarily. It is hard for an intuitive reader to be accurate about the future when anyone on Earth has free will. Free will is what allows each of us to alter the future by any decisions we make and any actions we take. Different people often make different decisions. So, it may change their future and your future. NO one can write your future; it is dynamic instead. The reason why people tend to ask psychics for probable future is that they are able to make alternate decisions and change their consequences if necessary.

Dream About Future

In general, spiritualists may provide you with probable readings about your future. But, by becoming aware of the likely outcome, you can then act upon the course of events and then alter the timing or the outcome.  You are able to, for instance, alter your behavior in response to the information you get, or simply perceive new choices where you saw none. Positively or negatively, intentionally or unintentionally, your actions may influence the course of events. That means free will can hold the trump card.

That’s why consulting a psychic will never tell exactly what will happen to you. Instead, it just offers an insight into how the situation did develop into the current state, what can or cannot occur if you made certain decisions or changes, or what is impacting it in which way, etc.

So, Is Your Free Will Important?

Of course, the psychic will provide an insight. Yet, how to use the information is up to you. So, there is nothing better than using your own free will to decide how you want your future to turn out.

Anyone has choices. Remember that all aspects of our lives aren’t predetermined. Although psychics can make certain future predictions from the past, “free will” is what we should use to take charge of our futures. The decisions we make may affect the outcome of any given matter.

What if we did not have free will? Without the presence of free will, we are likely to be walking around, just like puppets on a string in which every moment of our lives seems to map out for us. This is very boring for sure! In addition, it can also hamper our ability to spread our eyes and experience all of the wonderful (and even not wonderful) things that life offers. Do you want to enjoy that life?

Can We Have A Dream That Predicts the Future?

Dreams that foretell the future can show unexpected events, opportunities and even pitfalls. Yet, the truth is that you have free will and may choose your path. We often already hope or fear that certain things will take place. And the unconscious can oblige with a “psychic dream,” which seems to be more about our fears than something that will happen. The most important thing is to have a discriminating and sensible attitude to our dreams.

Of course, dreams about predictions for the future have themselves a special quality. You can awake from the dream and “perceive” that it is about the future. These dreams often have strangeness to some. Wonder whether you have ever had such types of dream once in life? Don’t hesitate to consider some factors below:

  • Was your dream exceptionally vivid?
  • Are there any elements which don’t make sense or can seem particularly bizarre?
  • Does the dream include someone you have never met?
  • Does your dream include something that has never happened?
  • Is the emotional content unrelated to your own feelings?
  • Is the dream about the situations you have never encountered before?

Should We Ask For Predictions For The Future?

There is no aspect of our lives which has already been determined for us. We obviously have the ability to make things happen. As mentioned above, we may live a puppet like existence and just sit around waiting for things to occur without free will. This can have a profound impact on the one’s ability to get the most accurate psychic prediction. As we are able to go in any direction we choose, this makes psychic predictions more difficult to come by.

In a psychic reading, although there is more than 80% accuracy, you can recognize that what keep top predictions for the future from being absolute are the acts of free will. But, the result is already predetermined.

At times, it is possible to change the future through using the knowledge of the psychic. But, the predicted future event is often so set that it may not be altered. The acts of others are able to cause change. Yet, you have no control over this. In a nutshell, it is important to remember that aside from a psychic reading, you also should not forget that senses, instincts, emotions and intuitions are all also important.

As human beings, each of us is endowed with these senses. Thus, don’t be hesitant to utilize them to assist us in seeking the right path, while using the knowledge of a psychic to take control over our own actions and reactions.

Our Destinies Are Completely Not Planned For Us

Try imagining that your psychic tells that you are possibly able to meet the soul mate while waiting in line at a coffee store in the morning of December 30th. You might want to make coffee at home or even ignore a person you meet who attempts to speak with you in this day. It is up to you! As psychic readers just foresee something possible, their best predictions for the future cannot always come true! The bottom line is that they may read energy at the time of the reading and then provide you with their predictions. Yet, there are many factors, influencing the whole reading.

Free will is what enables you to enjoy the life you wish, without being forced into a destiny you do not agree with. So, it’s not hard to understand why free will may have a far-reaching effect on your psychic prediction. It may either cause you to adjust your lifestyle so as to avoid allowing the future prediction to come true. Or you can try to go with the flow and make sure that the prediction may still happen as expectation.

What To Do To Have A Desirable Future? Here Is What To Keep In Mind!

First, it is better to use the power of your emotions. What does it mean? You should be feeling eager, positive and excited about what you want. Moreover, it needs to inspire you to act! Feeling strong negative emotions about one of the future events? You can be then inviting it, just because you are consumed by it. Take advantage of the power of positive emotion to lead you where you want to be.

Second, don’t forget to check with a psychic. After the first reading, you have taken vital steps, done something new, and now you want to confirm that you are continuing on the right path or not. It is time to check with your psychic of favorite. Or you can pick a new one and get a quite fresh perspective. This is a stunning chance to make sure that you progress toward the set goal of dream.

Third, exercise your free will. It is fine to change your mind when you move forward on the path. At any time you can decide to have a new goal or a new destination, begin to work for it. Your life is yours to direct. Thus, good predictions for the future are only there to help you see where you go ahead at present.

Possible Predictions For 2017 Made By Nostradamus

Michel de Nostradame, or Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and notable prophet who published dozens of prophecies that have since become popular and well-known worldwide. He is famous for his own book, namely Les Propheties (or “The Prophecies”). Thanks to the publication of such the book, Nostradamus has had lots of followers who have put trust on Nostradamus predictions for the future events across the world. He has been credited with prophetic writings that have supposedly prophesied modern events, ranging from Hitler’s rise to the 9/11 attacks. The following are top 10 Nostradamus predictions about 2017 for reference!

  1. The mergence of North Korea and South Korea

According to this noted seer, North Korea and South Korea can merge. The president of North Korea – Kim Jong Un – can be dethroned and find refuge in Russia. If this can come true, it may become the good news for not only Korea, but also the world. Kim Jong Uun has caused a hazardous international crisis through testing a nuclear weapon as well as using it against both America and South Korea. Further, he also distributed a weird photograph of himself in the act of ordering the “merciless” nuclear strikes against the U.S.

  1. The common use of solar power

Solar technologies might account for an important portion of global power generation by 2017, said by Nostradamus. This can help economies and businesses guard against the impact of climate change and rising energy costs.

  1. Commercial space travel

Yes, commercial space travel is truly the real deal. Yet, things will become exponentially harder, beyond orbital flights. Within the next two years, the moon, asteroids as well as mining missions are unlikely targets.

  1. Wars and the influence of global warming

This prophet also had faith in the possibilities of “Hot Wars” which might be escalated in 2017, because of global warming and diminishing resources. The greatest threat will be terrorists and bio-attacks in the future as far as the warfare goes.

  1. Superpower sclerosis – best predictions for the future

The present superpower (USA) will become increasingly uncontrollable and incompetent to take care of the world. Political corruption, ideological polarization, growing inequality, large-scale social system failures and globalization of corporate and financial elites will be the potential factors in the sclerosis.

  1. The disappearance of cloud computing

As per Nostradamus prediction, the term “cloud” can disappear from the phrase “cloud computing” by 2017, since most of the computers will just be assumed to be done in the cloud.

  1. Financial hardship in Italy

Loans and unemployment will become the 2 major factors which can make Italy the “epicenter” of the EU financial crisis. This may shift attention away from the Greeks and Spain. In addition, the Italian banking system may be in serious trouble while the failure of these banks can be the tip of the iceberg. Nostradamus also predicted that non-performing loans and loans that debtors don’t pay off as agreed, which have not been written off by the banks yet, have been on the rise the past 2 two years. 18% of all outstanding loans in Italy, at this point, are non-performing.  The best way to revive Italy’s economy is the sacrifices not only from Italians, but also from other EU members.

  1. Definition year for Latin America

Though the next year seems not a breakout year for countries in Latin American, the seer also foretold it can be a year of redefinition for them. At that time, governments may move away from leftish policies, along with helping to set the stage for potential civil unrest in the region.

  1. China and its intention of making bold moves

To cure the “economic imbalance” around the world, China will make bold moves. Nostradamus foretold that its actions will have across-the-board and influential effects. Will China become the new superpower in 2018 as one of the future predictions for the world made by Baba Vanga? Time will give us the best answer! Just wait!

  1. A peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine

According to the prophet, 2017 will be the year when Russia and Ukraine may come to a peace agreement. Yet, the terms of the agreement seem to be unclear at this time. While the U.S. will oppose the new truce, Germany and other EU members will embrace it.

Your Life Is Your Hands. Just Enjoy What You Like!

So, what we should do now? Rather than looking to a psychic for scripted playbook about destiny or for predictions for the future, you should remain open and receptive to the information about outcome and choice points which come through in your psychic reading. Regardless of whether such the information reveals a future, depending on a specific direction or trajectory you are now on, or offers more particular information about dates and timing, it’s better to have an open mind to the possibilities as well as secure in the knowledge which you may make choices to influence both.

Your decisions, feelings and the psychic wisdom you receive are indeed the awesome tools to create the life you want in every moment. Please use them to your advantage and enjoy the life like it is meant to be. Don’t totally depend on what psychics tell you. Rather, there is nothing greater than using their prophecies as guidance. What you use them is up to you. Be smart and flexible in your own choice!

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